28 January 2016

Sleek blushers (Rose gold - Life as a peach)

Sleek blushers (rose gold - life as a peach)

Sleek blushers (rose gold - life as a peach)

These blushers are very pigmented as most of sleek products,and it comes with different shades.

Rose gold -it is a pink shade that has a shimmer in it , the colour doesn't seem to appear very well on my skin  (i have medium skin tone)  the pink shade is very light it will appear on more fairer skin tones although it doesn't appear that light at swatches or in the packing .(it you a skin colour like me or darker that shade wont suite you go for darker shades), it doesn't stay that long you will need to retouch every few hours.

Life as a peach -it a peachy -matte- colour ,looks very pigment on my skin tone unlike Rose gold that shade doesn't have many compliments, it need to be retouched every few hours too.

Sleek blushers (rose gold - life as a peach)

left(life as a peach)-Right(rose gold)

you can find sleek blusher "rose gold" on eBay , and the"life as a peach "
you have a look at my review about sleek contour and highlighter kit 


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